Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Practice First...(me)

.....all is coming (Guruji)

All those years in Philadelphia as I taught and I practiced and as I struggled I only shared that struggling portion with very few people. It seems that as students (me included) we tend to pretend that our yoga teacher was either born out of a lotus flower or maybe on its very nearby leaf.

Through this blog and this time in my life I have received some really amazing words of support from people I know and from total strangers, from students I've taught for years and some I taught for weeks or even just a day.

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about all the juicy sexy things that happen in my Providence yoga life. I have new practice partners, events that I am excited about (Shabda Sunday THIS SUNDAY!!), and I am heading to the beach. It is the Ocean State after all. Maybe all along I have been trying to swallow the whole of the ocean. I am returning to sipping cup by cup.

Practice first.

...all is coming

and for me...learning to love the in between!

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