Sunday, March 14, 2010

The RI yoga tour continues

Each Sunday I venture into a new yoga experience in RI. This Sunday I practiced at a very familiar location, Motion Center, where my Mysore groups sweat it out three mornings a week. It was nice to walk into the space as a student lay my mat down and wait for class to begin. The Sunday morning offering at Motion Center is an Anusara-Inspired class taught by Rebecca Donnelly. I have been to one other Anusara yoga class in New Hope, PA many years ago so I walked in without very much expectation. From what I can glean from facebook posts from my Anusara friends is heavy use of words like, "loop" "spiral" "heart" and "mid line." True to facebook Rebecca did use these phrases a lot.

What I took away with me from class this morning was the way in which she used the word, soften. It reminded me of when I took a Mysore class with Chuck Miller way before I took up the method of Ashtanga Yoga. He used the word pause to indicated a softness, a tenderness, and as always a breath.

Just as I continue to sample the yoga community in the state of Hope, I continue to be blessed with visitor's from my home state. Last week it was Cyndi, before that it was Jill Ma and this week the lovely KCDV who I last saw in India will be dropping by and at months end Amy Rebja with whom I spent a month walking to the shala in Mysore.

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