Monday, March 22, 2010

White Electric

I am in the middle of my newly established office hours. If I want to teach more I have realized that I need to be more organized with the business of yoga. How else will yoga spaces know what I have to offer and have me come and teach? I just finished my big email blast this is what I had to say:

Dear Friends,

Although I skipped nearly half of the winter season I just can’t contain
my excitement about the energy of spring all around! The combination of
the season and a continued feeling of focus and recharged energy from
India has me for the first time in my yogic life actually experiencing the
practice of pratipaksabhavanam. Simply put it is the practice of
cultivating a change in attitude or perspective. The last time I was in
Rishikesh I heard a beautiful lady Swami say, “yoga is an attitude.” I
have been sitting with that ever since.

What have you been sitting with that NOW may be the best time to begin to
pick up the practice of that concept?

I am very excited to announce that I will be teaching in Philadelphia this
spring. Think of it as a spring cleaning for your practice.

Here is the Juice:
Early Morning Retreat with Jill Manning
Every Seed Has the Tree; Every Tree Has the Seed
Wake Up Yoga Fairmount
Monday, April 12th - Friday, April 16th
Contribution: $108 ($90 if by 3/26/2010)
WUY teachers/current and past TTs receive a 15% discount
Pre-registration is required. No partial enrollments or refunds.
Participation is capped at the studio at 215.235.1228 to secure
your spot as soon as you are ready to commit!

Crawling, Falling, and Flying
Jivala: The Mind Body Studio at the AFC Bala Cynwyd
$45 for members
$55 for non-members
Contact Vanessa Mock to register

In this three hour workshop we will explore the qualities that contribute
to an overall experience of “lightness” in practice. Over her many years
of teaching Jill has developed an ever evolving collection of exercises
born out of her own experience in practice. She has been able to connect
the dots of crawling, falling, and flying for herself and has a way with
expressing and teaching that connects with students. The workshop will be
a combination of traditional practice along with exercises, theory, and
time for questions and answers. You may want to bring a small notebook,
an open heart, a curious mind, and a sweat towel.

I also have limited time to offer for private yoga session at your house.
Please email to secure a time.



I can feel it in the near future I will be teaching more workshops so stay tuned in and keep practicing. I am now off to the real business of yoga....practice.

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