Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let's try this again

I am feeling so great after a week by myself in NYC with Sharath, and about two hundred fellow Ashtangi's. It was like a little Mysore experience, a perfect echo, just what I needed.

I just got back from a fantastic practice. It felt so nice to dive back into second after spending 5 practices of primary keeping in step with Sharath's count....Navasana supta inhale.....1...2...........3...(seriously.) I am pumped to be heading up the Mysore program from Tuesday on this week at Yoga Squared. Getting ready to end this chapter of my life strong, come and practice.

Love. Love.

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Anonymous said...

a funny thing
A long time ago I walk into a yoga class. I was in a real funk.
The teacher looked at with a smile and said you just have to realize it is:
'2 steps forward and 3 back'
'It's just that way'
I felt alot better.