Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mysore Style

I have really been struggling lately with all this change, with all the answers being "you, know, I don't know." In this struggle I have kind of gotten down. I feel messy, practice is messy, and don't even get me started on the state of my car. I woke up this morning ready to be honest, and get back to business. All teacher training season I make the argument that I can't practice at 6:30 am if I am not getting home from TT until 10pm. Well TT has been over for one month and I have shifted in schedule I have not shifted my attitude. I remember that little sweet swami lady in Rishikesh saying that, "yoga is an attitude." I am ready to return to a Mysore style. I am ready to practice and be at peace with all that means. To put mySelf first and forget the rest of the drama.

In about 11 weeks I am leaving Philadelphia, for life unknown. So much change, so many familiar routines gone. I am excited and scared. I am teaching at 9 am at Yoga Squared, and I will be there early practicing raising my energy that I can teach form a place of energy, and love.

The goal this week is to practice 6 days, rest appropriately, and spend more time with people who invite Rama not the Drama.

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Anonymous said...

happy to read your blog lady! you are gonna thrive through the changes. this is providence. it all is, after all. xo emily h.