Friday, April 03, 2009

Take me to the River

Traveling through India this fall, the beginning of the festival season, I landed in Rishikesh on the final day of the Ganesha Caturthi. At the conclusion of puja on the Holy Ganga, Ganesha is placed in the river and set free in the powerful stream. When the group I was traveling with went for the Ashram’s orientation the woman in white smiled and said how happy she was that we were there for the Ganesh Immersion. I wrote in my notebook that night.

“Ganesh Immersion. Take me to the river, and let me go!”

On this wet spring day it is clear that only through this immersion will the city begin to bloom. I am really excited about the immersions that I am offering that may have you too blooming this spring.

As many of you know my beloved husband has been accepted into some really amazing MFA programs. While it is still a bit unclear where we will relocate, we will be leaving Philadelphia sometime this August and washing down the river. Until then come and practice, breathe, and share the magic of yoga. For the most up to date information, and upcoming Mysore dates check:

Dive In:

Better Binding
A Close Look at Postures Marichyasana A through Garbha Pindasana
Saturday April 11, 2009
1:00pm -5:00pm

Yoga Squared
1923 Chestnut Street, 3R
Philadelphia, PA

For more information, please contact Jill,

Hold Me Closer Cosmic Dancer
Sunday April 12, 2009
12:00pm -2:00pm

727 Montgomery Ave
Narberth, PA

$45, pre-registration, $50 day of
This “master" class has been designed to celebrate Shiva in the form of Natarajasana, the cosmic dancer and the cosmic dance known as Tandava. On the eve of Shivratri we will celebrate the divine art form. Tandava is a dance performed by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati (Shakti.) According to Hindu mythology, Shiva's Tandava is a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution. While the Rudra (Shiva’s Vedic name) Tandava depicts his violent nature, first as the creator and later as the destroyer of the universe, even of death itself; the Ananda (Bliss) Tandava depicts him as the enjoyer of his creation - the universe. In Indian tradition, Lord Shiva as Nataraja (Cosmic Dancer) is the supreme lord of dance. This will be a pure celebration as we honor all of these qualities with a practice that includes call and response chanting, breath practices, and a vigorous asana practice that will have us dancing in Shiva’s image and approaching Natarajasana in all of its many forms.
OM Namah Shivaya!

Spring Forward, Drop Back
Saturday May 9, 2009
1:00pm -4:00pm

Wake Up Yoga
2329 Parrish Street
Philadelphia, PA
$50, Early Registration Incentive: $45 if enrolled by 4/24/09
Space is Limited, register early!!!
Are you terrified of dropping back? Have you created mythology around
this practice telling yourself that it is something designed for someone
more flexible, younger, someone with more strength, or maybe just more
chutzpa? Then this workshop has been designed for you.

In this workshop we will explore the qualities of “dropping back”
that are embedded into the fabric of every single vinyasa yoga class. By
learning to utilize the natural curves of the spine, and exploring organic
undulations throughout the entire practice we will make connections so
that dropping back is as simple (not easy) as learning to stand (we will
explore that as well.)

Points of Exploration and Practice:
Learning to Crawl and Fall
Minding Your Head while Opening Your Heart
“Don’t Fear”

Foundation First
Saturday & Sunday, May 16 & 17, 2009
Saturday, 1:00pm -5:00pm, Sunday 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Yoga Squared
1923 Chestnut Street, 3R
Philadelphia, PA
For more information, please contact Jill,

The goal of the workshop is to provide students with a clear understanding and awareness of the Ashtanga methodology as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. By calling upon the guidance of her teacher, David Keil, and her experiences during her three pilgrimages to Mysore (’06, ’07, ’08), Jill will lay a proper and strong foundation on which the students can confidently build self-practices and continue their studies. Over the course of the weekend, the class will explore the foundations of Ashtanga practice by studying the external postures and working to develop awareness of the more subtle aspects such as the prana (breath), bandha (energy) and dristi (focus). Throughout the class Jill will cover the opening and closing mantras, some history on the origin of Ashtanga, debunk some widespread myths, share some personal tips and tricks as well her own stock of stories and experiences. The weekend will culminate with led (traditionally counted) practice of the asanas (postures) covered during instruction.
The workshop is open to practitioners of all levels; whether just beginning to explore the system or looking to clear up any confusion, hopefully all attendees will fall in love with the divine details and keep these lessons close for a long time.

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