Sunday, April 19, 2009

Push it Along

I thought that I was there last week, but now I see that I really didn't know how long the rope that was unraveling inside me really was. I think I can safely say now that I have come to the end of the rope and I am ready to be honest with myself and move forward. Some people thrive on stress. I do not. The conclusion of Teacher Training has now allowed me to release some stress, free up some time, and begin the letting go.

I am so excited to be heading to NY this afternoon for a week long practice with Sharath. My practice is in desperate need of a tune up, and my spirit longs for an injection of "the juice."

I will be blogging all week from NY....I promise (amanda)

I am giving a dropbacks workshop on the 9th of May (check my website) and space is limited so sign up and drop back!! I'll be teaching through the month of July, then Mike, Charlie, Angie, and I will be off to Providence to hit the refresh button and begin again.


Amanda said...

yay! thank you so much! i love reading your bloggggg.

sally said...

hey jill... my grand plans to make it up to NYC for Friday are not going to come to fruition:(


i hope that you're having a great time... can't wait to hear all about it! xoxo