Thursday, September 02, 2010


Ashtanga Yoga Sangha

It has been a year practicing and teaching in the great state of Rhode Island and what an amazing experience. This event is for all those who practice and for anyone who have an itch to practice and are curious about the tradition.

Saturday September 25th, 2:30-5pm FREE!

This is a chance for those who practice and those who wish to start a practice to come and celebrate. At 2:30pm Jill will lead a half primary series. Afterwards, there will be time for chanting and chatting with a Q and A session. Jill is hoping to stretch her chai and cookie making muscles as well!

This event is held at Motion Center, 111 Chestnut Street, Providence, RI.

*that photo was my first trip to Mysore November 2006.


LK said...

I am totally excited for this!!

Gabe said...

The Fallser!