Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bady Lady Blogger

It is not that I haven't had musing of late. Some of my close friends have had to endure long monologues on frustration, loneliness, shock, and defeat. Then I remembered the advice of two wise men:

"what's your business." Mike, my husband
"mind your business." Shri Brahmanada Sarasvati

and yesterday morning when 10! students piled in a room and began practicing in silence more then half had their very first lesson with me I nearly cried.

What's my business? I teach yoga and I inspire students to go the extra step, to question what they heard and what they think they know. There are way too many announcements about upcoming events and how the Mysore program at Motion Center will be expanding to 5 mornings a week in September!

Please pass the word tomorrow is Guru Purinam and I am so blessed to be holding Shabda Sunday. Guruji was born on the full moon in July and his birthday was celebrated every year on that auspicious occasion. We will honor Guruji and all the teachers through sound and silence, mantra and meaning, studying yoga and also studying the ONE studying yoga.


Christina said...

10 people?! That's so awesome, Jill!

ps are you coming back to philly anytime soon?!

Jill Manning said...


I'll be in Philly teaching the second week of August..let's plan to run into each other



jennifer kates said...

i love that picture. though it is at least partly from the unshavenness as well as the beauty of the form. <3