Monday, October 12, 2009

Second Born

Joy says that I should blog everyday. I know that I should but time is a precious commodity and unlike my sister writing is not my favorite thing to do. I enjoy scribbling a thing or two down and connecting with my thoughts via pen and paper, but seriously I am no writer.

I am a mover.

Adam sent me this really great quote today from Andre Gide, "One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." Many of my great quotes have come from some other human through Adam down to me and out my mouth into the yogic universe. One such quote that I think has been misattributed to Manorama (always a good guess) is from someone I can't remember right now, but it goes "don't let your thoughts rob you of your experiences." Adam wrote that down from his mythy mind after attending a yoga class of mine on a yellow piece of scrap paper. I still have that paper stuck in my very favorite yoga book.

Adam is my guru. Shedding light like no one else I know.

The Mysore group was awe inspiring today. This was the beginning of week five and all eight came to their mat even though it was holiday and most of them had off from work. All eight 5 weeks in on a holiday at 7am! The best part of teaching is the shared light experience. Teachers enlighten students and YES! students enlighten and enliven their teachers.

Shine On!

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Anonymous said...

this cartoon is in my wallet

along with the quote

"Who am I, standing in the midst of this thought-traffic." -Rumi

by the way Jill is my Guru