Saturday, October 31, 2009

4 Practices

I left Philadelphia nearly three months ago. In some ways it feels much longer and in other ways it feels still very near to me. I have been practicing in my little yoga room for nearly three months. I have had some interesting moments on the mat. Little discoveries followed by big pieces of the ever evolving puzzle coming together. Overall practicing alone is very intimate and none of the normal distractions are present to entertain the mind. While I can feel a solo practice is great for the teacher in me and reaffirms that I practice yoga...that is what I do regardless of who's teaching or who's showing up. That said I am REALLY excited to be coming home next week!

Here is the Juice

I'll have my mat rolled out at Corina-ji's 1pm class on Friday November the 6th

If Saturday's aren't the same since I've been gone I am TEACHING a led primary Saturday November the 7th at 10am at Yoga Squared...this is open to all.

There is still space in the workshop at Yoga Squared but space is limited. Check out my website for details:

I am also giving a three hour intensive on Monday November 9th from 6-9pm at the AFC (also check out the website) you must pre-register because space is limited and it is filling up!

I leave for Philly in 5 days and Mysore in two months after all this alone time I am about due!

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