Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Come Fly With Me!

In Philadelphia

Yoga Squared

“Foundation First” with Jill Manning 7-8 November
1pm - 5pm Saturday
12pm - 4pm Sunday

Understanding the Count, Understanding the Method
This course (9 hours) is designed to introduce a deeper relationship to
the Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Method, as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of
Mysore, India. In this weekend long workshop we will dive deeply into the
often unseen structure that is the heart of the Method. One of Guruji’s
most repeated teachings is “99% practice 1% theory.” As is the way with
many great thread like teachings there is something that should be
understood. It is not enough to practice, what Guruji is suggesting is
proper practice. The proper understanding and employment of vinyasa
karma, breath pattern, bandha as energy, and drsti as focus.

This workshop will be a collage of practice, and theory filled with some
really informative tips and tricks for making sense of the sequence,
fettering out suggested meaning, and feeling around for the more internal
aspects of this method.

While this workshop is appropriate for all levels it may be most
interesting to those who have a practice and would like to understand more
deeply the design and structure of the tradition.

Wake Up Yoga

ReTurn with Jill Manning
A Winter Solstice Workshop

Wake Up Yoga Fairmount
Saturday, December 19th and Sunday, December 20th
1 - 4 pm

Contribution: $90 for both days; $50 for one day only

This workshop is capped at 20 participants..

In Providence

am very excited to announce the next series for the Mysore program at
Motion Center. At the close of this session there will be a week off. I
am going to teach a workshop in Philadelphia and spend the week practicing
with and assisting my teacher! Classes will resume:

Monday Session November 16th - December 21st (6 weeks) 7am -9am 8 students

Wednesday Session November 18th - December 23rd (6 weeks) 7am -9am 8
students only.

I am then heading to India for my 4th trip to Mysore in January. Classes
will resume in February. Hopefully with an expanded schedule.

If you are interested register early with Motion Center
(http://www.motioncenter.com) and please freely pass the information along
to anyone with interest and always contact me directly with questions.

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