Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's 3am...

After one of those fantastic Philadelphia days....class was awesome, juicy, and rocking, then coffee and laughs with friends, a long Reggae walk with the dogs, yoga movie with yoga friends, then Mexican food and a margarita, home by 10pm (practice tomorrow) but at 3am I am now wide awake.

Why am I leaving again? The parade of strangers roaming through the house started this week. Who will be in residence here? What about my yoga classes, my students? This years Teacher Trainee's will not benefit from my endless wit and wisdom, catch heat from the post India glow, they won't get the Guruji/Sharath/Lakshism/Jayashree-isms. Am I failing this community that I have been such a part of?

Is it really smart to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

To be honest the airplane has been slowly breaking down for some time now, and jumping out it what I need to do to figure some things out and get the clarity that only space can bring. There is nothing comfortable about yoga (future TT's take note) and there is nothing comfortable about taking chances and that is what I am doing. Providence in August, India in's 3am, I must be crazy.

Jai Ho!


Amanda said...

i love you! jump jump jump! you are going to have some amazing adventures in the next few years! you deserve to have some wild times.

Cyn said...

If you're crazy, then I must be insane. I jump off perfectly good planes all the time. When people jump off of planes it is not necessarily a referendum on the planes' quality, sometimes they just want to see what it's like to fly.

Anonymous said...

most of the time it feels like it is 3am