Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notes from Practice

Getting up for yourself is key. I subbed for Karen this morning at Yoga Squared. Practice does not begin until 9am on Sunday, so in order for me to practice I had to get there and get practicing by 7:15am. I got up got dressed and made it to the mat. Often on Sunday I design my practice to be very vigorous, a full 2nd series practice complete with dropbacks and advanced backbending. Since my new goal is to pick up more of a Mysore life style I decided to practice primary instead. While I was moving and breathing and gazing I could feel a connection between the cylinder of the rib cage and the sway of the pelvis. I also created (riffing on the vinyasa class I taught yesterday) how essential it is to arch the upper spine but keep some coiled in roundness in the pelvis when jumping or should I say floating forward.

Leading a Mysore practice is a really interesting skill, and it does take practice to manage the room. Over the past two years I think that I have found my intention and voice and sharpened my eyes, and direct each student with calmness and confidence. I really enjoy this style of teaching. I just feel clicked into the Shala, and in service to the great teachers who have guided me.

I am teaching for Vanessa tonight at Wake Up Yoga, Fairmount at 5:30pm...come and chant with me and my harmonium finishing the weekend strong!

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