Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Doesn't everyone hate moving? Here I am in the midst of this epic move. Everything is moving, even my bank account has to move to a new home. To tell the truth I think I started the moving process as soon as Mike was clear that he was going to apply to graduate school. On many levels I am ready to change and to hit the refresh button, and I am at other times wishing for the comfort and the stability that Philadelphia brings.

Practice is strong, but my body feels really grumpy.


yoko said...

My body has moved, but my stuff is still in Philly. It's lugging the stuff that annoys me so much. Maybe I should have less stuff.

Nicole Smith said...

Jill, this really resonated for me. l'm moving on as well this month and of course it's no easy thing. lt's comforting to still share some things with someone who's taught me so much. You always said we had some root connection : ) Sending luck and strength and good wishes to you. Namaste.