Friday, February 20, 2009

The Sandhi of it All

I have been very absent with the blogging, but if you could get a peek inside my head. I feel like I have endless streams of thought, that are less like steams and more like very complex mazes, or sudoku puzzles. I am constantly in search of how the dots connect, how all the pieces fit together.

If you can break it apart and put it back together you've got it! I feel like I have been speaking the "sandhi of asana" for so long now, how the shapes break apart and can be put back together, how understanding the purity of say, a foundational asana points to the complex riddle of asana's like Marichyasana. How the fundamental is in there deeply embedded. Can you pull it all apart and put it back together?

Two weeks until Costa Rica!!!!

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Diana said...

i can't wait for Costa Rica- i've been an absent blogger too!