Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vibration In, Vibration Out

This is a picture of my friend and practice partner's alter in her West Philly Shala (her home.) We started practicing once a week since my return and I am so grateful for the breathing room. This week she is going to share a full moon series that she picked up from Ashtanga Yoga teacher Matthew Sweeney.

It has been a rough couple of days for me it feels like the missing Mysore blues have set in. The Philly yoga community is strong and yes, vibrant, but the Ashtanga community feels fractured and very dispersed. The energy is just not there, yet. I just keep plodding along practicing daily, and yes even today grabbing my ankles in back bending.

I went to a sweet Harmonium workshop yesterday afternoon, and raised my voice, pumped my bellows, and still today the blueness.

My friend from Mysore Kim, sent me a message about this she said simply, "Blue, like Krishna!" Yes, precisely.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,

I actually met you in Philly at the beginning of summer this year - you were teaching a class at yoga squared... At that stage I was visiting here to see if I wanted to move here... Well, I have actually moved here now, and am really loving Philly... I notice that you are teaching at Yoga Sutra - this would be the most convenient place for me to practice. I wonder if you would tell me a little about your impressions of the place. My email is I'd love to hear from you!