Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shine On!

How often do you let yourself off the hook?

After a long day yesterday, Mike and I went to a West Philly baby shower. I used to think that I really disliked baby showers, but the West Philly kind I can get behind. Not a gooby or juuby for miles. I did make a practice date for this morning and was up late, ate cake, and drank red wine. Did I let myself off the hook? Absolutely not! I got up, shook it off, and practiced. No drama, no excuses, just practice.

It was a great practice and great energy. New definition for is not letting yourself off the hook.

I am teaching tonight at 5:3o pm Wake Up Yoga Fairmont!! Come and chant, breathe, and connect before the beginning of the wild work week.

I was just told that the Ashtanga Foundational Workshop is getting full....check the events page and pre-register for what will be a really enlightening experience.
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