Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shine On

I can't remember the last time that I slept in bed all alone. No husband, no dog. It reminded me of when I first left New York (nearly eight years ago) and moved into a studio apartment on the corner of 4th and South St, right above the Phila-deli.

It was quiet last night and kind of a welcome solitude, I had an exhausting day.

I got my computer back and I think it is all fixed up and ready for its trip to India. As I look at the days on the calendar, reality is setting in for the long and exciting trip.

Feels like the first time.

I am heading on a new adventure today. When Mike is away I like to stay busy in the daytime. I am going to a yoga class ( three hour yoga class) given by a local yoga teacher Kati Brennan at Blue Banyan Yoga in Mt. Airy.

Maybe I'll blog about it. I am working on launching a new web site. I hope to have it up with all my future information by September or so. For now my very basic, but lovingly built one will have to

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