Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Postponing Preparations

I think that I should really being doing something to "get ready" for this trip. I sit here in my (husbands) home office in Philadelphia and can't think of one thing to "do." Although this is the third trip that I have made like this in less than two years I am more nervous and scared than ever.

It is the aloneness of it all. Me and Me, and of coarse about a hundred of Ashtangi's from around the globe.

Maybe I'll start the checklist here:

Things I have done:

Plane ticket booked

Visa secured (I bought a ten year, best advice I got)

Subs for all of my yoga classes at home

Ride from airport in Mysore

Housing secured in Mysore

Things I have yet to do:

Update my vaccinations

Malaria medication (yes, I take it...HEYAM DUKHAM ANAGATAM)

Get my laptop back from my brother in law, who is updating for me

Figure out what to bring for 9 weeks that will fit in a carry item

Mentally prepare for life without my husband and sweet dog

Put the YMCA membership on hold (I like to swim)

Put some work in place for my return

Anything else?

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