Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mysore/Life Style

A long time ago my friend Adam sent me an email that quoted some long time Ashtangi's and then asked where I stood on the matter.

"don't let yoga ruin your life." David Swenson

"yoga will ruin your life." Richard Freeman

At the time I remember not having an opinion about these wild and contradictory statements. So many people ask me why does practice have to be in the morning. I think about it like this....I practice and then I get with the rest of my life. Ashtanga yoga practice is very important to me but so is spending time with my husband, enjoying time with friends and doing things that aren't necessarily yoga related. My practice enhances my life so I can continue to experience life fully. So I say..."practice and then get on with life!"


Sara said...

Perfectly sutra-like, "practice and get on with your life". Love it.

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