Monday, May 23, 2011

Blog Flashback

I just got back from practice. I left my house at 8.20am this morning and now it is nearly 1pm. Sure I could have just rolled out my yoga mat and practiced in my room like I do most days but the weather has been dark and cold and the sun hasn't made a solid appearance in at least one week so I needed to drive to the edge of the state and practice in a bright room with some others and a heating system stronger than my little space heater.

I think most Ashtangi's find Mysore, India so welcoming because the community understands what practice requires. I was looking back on what I was thinking about last year and yes! I was thinking about this same thing. It is a bit lonely being unafraid of the hard parts of yoga, not settling for the periphery of the material and unapologetic aiming for the center so that there can be resonance with the point of this whole dance.

Here is the link.