Friday, June 12, 2009

The Countdown Continues

Mike hates when I keep a count on the calendar. I routinely do this. There have been countdowns to David's arrival, the wedding countdown, the India countdown, and now we have the countdown until the move. When I have these little numbers written marking the weeks until something important, Mike likes to call it the countdown to destruction. I know by heart the weeks until the move. 7 weeks from this very day. 7 Friday's from this one the house will be totally boxed up, and I Mike and I will load a truck up with all those boxes...ugg..

I managed to practice five times this week, and there was really no excuse for not practicing on Wednesday. I just couldn't get it done. I always feel better after practice. Always. Since Guruji's passing I have really clung to practice, it is a direct way to feel closer to Mysore. My classes have been swimming right along, and I am giving one last drop-back workshop next Saturday in Jersey at a really sweet yoga shala, YogaWood.

I am also in the process of putting together some workshops/intensives/etc for the fall/winter before I leave for Mysore. If you want the most updated info/email blast make sure you get on the list at my website,

I am going to continue to go with the flow and swim in the ocean of yoga. Ride ON!

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