Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sister Shakti

I talk to my big sister everyday. Siblings are so important. My husband is an only child, and really there is no one better to go through life with then someone who has been in the thick of all the family drama with you then your sibling. I understand that an age difference may play a huge part in this connection, but for us, me and my sis we could go all day with the craziness that was and still is our family life. Sometimes it feels like a great game of tennis (which neither of us play) she'll serve her best doozy of a memory, and I'll volley one back. It could go on all day!

I think I spoke to her four times yesterday. She now has a blog (I have added it to the stuff I love list) and I 'll read that in addition to the many daily chats. For me, she is the only one who really gets it. I am not surprised that she is blogging about food, and about weight. Yesterday we spoke about honesty in blogging. When I was away in Mysore I felt really free with the flow of writing but here in Philly where I live and teach I tend to be more careful. I think that one of my '09 resolutions is to be more candid about the yoga community here in Philadelphia and try to distill down what works and what is not working for me in the larger scheme of things.
Yoga is universal, and yet such a personal journey. Yoga is so intimate, and most often in such a public forum.

As always I need to get dressed and get to practice, and then later a little Christmas Eve with my Super Shakti Sister.

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