Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've got the Yoga Blues

Why is practice in Mysore so sweet? It helps to have to not "work." It really helps that everyone all around you is as sore as you are (at least) everyone is sleepy around 7pm, and the community is so large that you can find with relative ease a little sanga to go through it all with. Oh. yeah, and The Teacher. Here in Philadelphia we (and I mean me, or I) lack a Teacher. I know there are many wonderful teachers, I include myself as one of them, but a Teacher is still missing. I look forward to David Keil coming for weeks on end, I mark it on my calendar and count the days. I found with this past visit the sting of his departure was harder than others for me.

I am trying to climb out of the hole that I so enjoyed digging and climbing in. Off to play harmonium with a friend.

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Anonymous said...

jill,i find that to have a light heart and soul,for me anyway, i have to do the right thing everyday. not what is right for Me, but what is the right thing.then my heart is not heavy and i don't have to go to dark places to hide from it. thats just me of is forever challanging huh? love lisa