Monday, September 15, 2008

The Wheels on the Bus

It has, just as I suspected been a very wild ride so far. 18 people traveling in India, all except for me first timers, is even harder than it sounds. I don't have all that much time to write, nor I have even begun to process the experience, but here is some juice rolling around in my head.

I miss the Shala (really bad)

I miss Tomas and Carol (even worse)

I miss Mike (more than I can say)

The Arabian Sea is magic. ( I was still practicing at half 4)

I finally got to "the point" (a place where the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean merge)

Akbar has a really powerful resting place

The Agra Fort should not have been skipped on my first trip

The Taj is more amazing than I remember (I did the walk of love with Tina)

Delhi is India FULL ON

Going in for a Harmonium and coming out with a roll of tape (this is a good story)

I really am grateful for coffee day

Here I am now in Rishikesh. Words can not describe this experience.

I'll be home on Friday, see you then!


elise said...

hey what about me? india newbies are fun, right? be nice!

Erin Owen said...

Enjoy the rest of your trip! I'm just finishing a book called Holy Cow that you might enjoy if you haven't already read it. Offers a pretty hilarious, eye opening, and real experience of an Australian's experience living in India for two years.

Mariana said...

can't wait to see you!

JIll said...

Can't wait to hear the harmonium/tape story, should be a blast.

Seriously, I was on my way to Canada when I heard on NPR about the explosions at the market in New Delhi. Glad you are all OK.