Thursday, September 04, 2008

An Unholy Hour

For this being my third trip to Mysore I have had loads of first, both in and out of the Shala. This morning my alarm clock went off at 3:50am. I think the first thought that went wave like through my mind was, “come on, you’ve got to be kidding.” As I pulled myself out of bed, I heard the rain. The next thought wave, “rain, just perfect.” I walked, more like shuffled to the Shala. I have never had the experience of being in the first batch of Mysore students, a small group of students were already waiting at the gate. After the gate was opened I walked into the empty room and its energy felt different, probably because I felt very different this morning. I put my mat down, went to the changing room, and then headed back to the mat to start. I glanced at the Shala clock it read 4:45am, 4:30am real time.

Practice at that hour in the Shala is very serious, and quiet. It is at least an hour before the first; “One more!” is heard. I also noticed the efficient nature of the students at the time. Even just an hour later I always feel like the fastest, but this morning my tempo synchronized perfectly. I felt very at home. I had a really nice practice. After drop backs Sharath came to assist me, and my hands on the final back bend went right to my calves. I could feel my heels grounding, my legs pulsing, and yes my heart wide open. When I came up, eye to eye with Sharath he said, “Monday, you take Ustrasana.” In that moment I couldn’t say out loud that I would not be here on Monday. I just nodded my head, and put my palms together and thanked him.

I was finished practice by 6:15am, real time.

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