Friday, September 05, 2008

The Charm

I am sitting in my room waiting....waiting for a white Ambassador car to arrive and take me away from Mysore.

As I sit here so tired..I have been up since 3am it is now 11:40pm, and having said goodbye to my dear friends I am also quite sad.

It is still two weeks until I see my husband, or squeeze my dog. Two weeks until I breathe fresh air, and come down form the cosmic high.

As I left the shala this morning I debated if I should tell Sharath that I was leaving. I walked into the office and said that today was my last practice, and that I was leaving Mysore that evening. I thanked him, and he just said, "you'll be back" with a smile.

Off on another travel adventure into the unknown. I'll keep blogging, I am sure there will be some Indian madness in my future!

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