Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No direction home

I thought that I would blog while I was in Philadelphia. I thought that I would see everyone that I longed to see. I thought that I would practice twice a day. What I failed to realize was just how busy I would actually be. It was a great trip home. I logged many hours with my favorite sister, practiced with my teacher and my yoga tribe, and had some fantastic meals with some of my favorite people. I felt at home, but at the same time I felt distance from all that was happening. Some of the distance I welcomed...yoga drama is so strange.

Now that I am back in Rhode Island I feel a little directionless. Like what is next for me. How can I continue to teach and make a living doing that? Where is my yoga home?

I am starting to put together the pieces of my Winter Solstice workshop, and while I was practicing this morning this poem flew (from God knows where) into my quiet mind.

Prelude To Winter

The moth under the eaves
with wings like
the bark of a tree, lies
symmetrically still-

And love is a curious
soft-winged thing
unmoving under the eaves
when the leaves fall.
William Carlos Williams


Anonymous said...

reading this entry brings a great big grin on my face

Anonymous said...

glad your visit went well.and travels smooth.can't wait to see your face xmas.love lisa d

Anonymous said...

I need to work more on being quiet, it's gotten away from me.
Looking forward to some quiet at the Winter Solstice workshop!