Sunday, November 22, 2009

...All is Coming

Clear Seeing:

Today is my birthday. I am 31 year old today. Last year I decided to have a really big birthday party. This time last year I had no answers to nearly every question tossed my way. Would Mike be accepted in any graduate school? If he got acepted where then would we move...Chicago? LA? NYC? Providence? Would I continue to teach yoga or get a job that required some other skills?

I thrive on vision. Last year I couldn't stop the arrow spinning even for a moment to see which way to move. The arrow has stopped and just now I am ready to create this life.

I am spending the day quietly. Mike and I got up early and now we are heading out to Walden Pond for a hike. Later I will practice and have a Dosa at my favorite Indian spot with a few friends.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Jill! I hope it is a satisfying one.


Claudia said...

Hike, friends, dosa, sounds like a dream birthday!, enjoy