Monday, November 24, 2008

Waking Up

What an incredible two weeks!

Mysore week with David was so great. I am so happy that I have had the courage to work with him for the last three years, and to be unafraid of how high he sets the bar. All you can do is effort to rise to the occasion. It was the best lead up to my 30th birthday. Every morning practice with loads of dedicated students (which can be hard to find in Philly), some good face time with the teacher, and the experience of myself showing up for myself. At the end of the week Mike and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire which made me want to be back in the country I love so much, but at the same time happy to be here.

Information Blast:

I am teaching on Thanksgiving morning at Wake Up Yoga (Fairmount) 9am regularly priced class.
I am also excited about a new class on my schedule (and yes, Adam my website is fully up to date.) I will be teaching a Full (very traditional) Primary Series counted the whole way through. It is important to note that this is NOT a beginners class, but beginners are welcome with the understanding that they will be paused at an appropriate place, and encouraged to begin a Mysore practice. If you have questions about this please email me!

I am really excited to teach one final workshop for the year (great things are happening in '09)! Space is limited, and will fill up fast! Register Today.

The Rebirth of the Sun Saturday, December 20, 2008 12pm-3pm Wake Up Yoga2329 Parrish StreetPhiladelphia, PA lindsey@wakeupyoga.com215.235.1228 $50, $45 if enrolled by 12/12/08$40 WUY Teachers, TTs and grads, unlimited card holders if enrolled by 12/12/08
The Earth is actually nearer to the sun in January than it is in June—by three million miles! In this intensive three hour “master class” will explore our ever present internal light source. Through sound (chanting), movement (asana), simple cleansing (kriya) rituals, breath awareness (pranayama), and quiet sitting we will align with the quality of the solstice, as a time that humans have long recognized as a turning point, a day that celebrates the return of the sun.
Our asana theme is designed to shed and spread the light within. The focus will utilize the contemplative and cleansing power of more simple forward bends in combination with more complex and often confusing deep twists. Picking up suggestions from the “great vows” of yoga, the yama’s, and niyama’s, we will weave together the themes of greedlessness (aparigraha), cleanliness (shauca), and contentment (samtosha).
Appropriate for all levels! Leave with...• A better understanding of the relationship of darkness and light• An enlightened perspective in more “advanced twists”• Deeper connection to niyamas, yoga, and yourself!


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