Sunday, November 16, 2008

Natural Breaking Points

Ok, Ok. I cut my trip to NY short. Do I feel guilty about this decision? Absolutely not. I woke on Saturday morning knowing that this was a very natural braking point for me and decided to honor that feeling. After meeting with many a gifted yoga teacher, and wandering around in the rain with way too much stuff on my shoulder. I traveled back into the soft, warm, comfort, of my home.

Because Mike is applying to SVA for grad school I wanted to feel the energy in NY and I wondered how after 8 years of being away I would return.


NY and India, very similar

I would bring my practice to Eddie's shala

I couldn't be less interested in style

Jackson Heights, that's the juice!

Yoga teaching, NO...waiting tables, YES

Tomorrow I start a Mysore with the great David Keil, and Saturday is my 30th birthday. This is no small thing.
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