Saturday, March 15, 2008


I love reading yoga blogs. Over the years I have found maybe two or three blogs that I have become obsessive about reading. The last time I was in Mysore I read this blog everyday and every time I saw the author in the Shala I felt a little weird, to never never have heard her voice, but totally heard her "voice." When my blog friends pause from writing I feel sad. I am committing to writing more regularly about practice, teaching, and life.


jude said...

So happy to see that I will be able to hear your voice through you sharing your thoughts. I look forward to it daily. I enjoy and learn new things through your blogging. Thanks so much for being YOU. I love you.
judy aka mom

Marcy said...

Humm,so you leave me wondering what blogs you are looking at that I am missing out on. Would you mind sharing the URL's?