Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tony Soprano needs some Ashtanga Yoga

I just read the my friend's blog this morning. It inspired me to put some more elbow grease into my musings. While I am not retired, I am not working very much. Just preparing for the Ashtanga Intensive at the end of this month and the pilgrimage to India. I have been having the craziest dreams, I am attributing it to watching non-stop eps of the Soprano's. I am still undecided how it is shaking up my nervous system. I do notice that my language has taken a potty-mouth turn. Practice has been OK. Not quite feeling like myself this whole summer. I think here I become rooted in "the way things should go." In India you gotta let all that goes, how it goes. I need those lessons again. Much Love.

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35YOTR said...

I am deeply flattered at the shout-out to my blog. How did you find it?