Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It is totally crunch time and I feel really ill at ease. I am scheduled to leave for India on the 1st of September. Isn't that right around the corner? I need to get very clear on all the things I need to put into place before I fly away. Some of these things are very tangible and some seem very esoteric/emotional. I think I was kidding myself last trip. This feels like a gigantic leap of faith, on so many levels. I really am calling on the universe to support me and my calling. While in Pittsburgh I visited this cute space and practiced. Breathe Yoga, is a space in the hip part of town, and it was in many ways an ideal yoga space. It is up on the 2nd floor with many windows that are wide open. I had a nice time and after being in Wildwood and on the run/in the car it was much needed. I am sending out good vibrations and hoping to feel them return.

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