Saturday, September 05, 2009


A good teacher is known for planing seeds in their students and then being unattached to the growth of those seeds. Efforting to plant and then efforting to step back. Over the last four weeks I have been planting. If you live in Providence you have seen me on a flier. If you have had a job to offer you have seen my resume. If you are a manager of a restaurant on the West Side, yup! you have seen me there as well. Four weeks of planting and the seeds are starting to sprout.

I have faith in this process because I have seen the fruit on the mat. The seeds of breath, energy, and focus have colored my practices with lushness.

Practice is a seed of effort, the catch.
Vairagya is the effort of standing back, the release.

How do you drop back with grace? Marry the the two in your mind, breath, body, but most importantly in your heart. How do you move to a new city and make a life? You practice the drop back of living finding just the right balance of falling and just the right quality of catching.


Maria said...

It is so wonderful to read your thoughts on this incredible transition. I have stopped writing my thoughts down for years now. I haven't wanted a document of the chaos, of the confusion, but you inspire me to face it. Much happening here by way of transitions, friends coming and going, housing... Te quiero mucho, Jill. Remember, you're looking for employment in one of the states hit hardest by the recession. It just offers you more of a challenge! That wouldn't be the case if you couldn't handle it. So looking forward to seeing you when you visit. Love, love.

katie said...

oh jill, thank you for this. while it makes me miss you and your teaching strongly, it also shores me up, reminds me of all so may of your small seeds, big ideas. -Katie