Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rehydrating a mushroom

This is the beginning of my third week in Providence. I kind of feel a bit like a two year old. The emotional pendulum swings so wildly. One moment I am basking in the glow of receiving a call to come in and audition for a class at the Boston Sports Club, and the next moment I am questioning what the #$%@ I am doing here. I am questioning how long my unemployment status will go on, and how many hours can Mike and I stare at each other in this heat without break.

On the practice front I am pleased to say that I am returning to the mat with regularity, vigorously scribbling thoughts into my current notebook, and hosting some guest in my yoga room (maybe you'll be next). My yoga room has finally transformed into my office now that we have Internet through the entire house. With little to do I am also reading a lot. Some yoga material, but others books, fascinating books, books like I used to read when I lived in NY and took the subway everywhere. That feels like a return to something solid and exciting.

Other things that this Providence life is inspiring:

We have one TV with very little to offer so it is off like 90% of the time.
Mike and I are riding our bikes everywhere. My car hasn't moved in three weeks.
Eating local. We have this amazing farmers market every Thursday and that's where we do all the produce and dairy shopping.

Sure I miss Philly. I miss all the yoga students. I miss the comfort, and security. I feel the fire of Tapas, and although I am afraid I think I like it.

By the end of this week (at least according to my dry erase board) I'll have a fully updated workshop schedule. Including stops in Philly and a retreat in Guatemala!

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Tina said...

Oh the dreaded pendulum... missing you, Jillji - maybe I'll send you the cat poster that says "Just hang in there!"