Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I discovered inside of practice yesterday a switch. Second Series has moved from this huge head trip of a big deal to really no big deal. I hung out in asana's instead of rushing through them. It started to feel in many sections like a coming into myself.

After I landed successfully in Karandavasana for the second day in a row, I moved quietly on to my back bending section. For the first time in many, many months I have received a new pose, mayurasana. I didn't know anything about the vinyasa into and out of this pose not to mention any technique for making this incredibly challenging asana. No such luck yesterday, yes, it seems like a hit another bump in the road. Today is another practice.

Mike and I have taken up the practice of boycotting goods from China so far it hasn't been that tough. I got a new copybook yesterday, made in Vietnam.

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