Friday, July 20, 2007

6 weeks and counting

I have many thoughts on why it is difficult to practice alone. I think this was the hardest adjustment I had to make after returning from Mysore. Philadelphia at this moment does not have a strong Ashtanga community, each student (that I know of) is homeless in a way. I crave community. I love practicing in a crowded room feeling the pulsation of energy everywhere. I hope that when I return from India in October there will be a place to go and quietly practice.

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RuthieAnn said...

Yes. I have a home practice. I feel like I'd much rather practice
with other Yogi's and Yogini's. For some reason, I don't feel like my practice is "real" when I practice at home. I do not practice Ashtanga but, am open to reaching into it- who knows...But, I do love practicing with others.