Friday, June 29, 2007

Oprah and Gayle

Wow, I can't believe that I am heading to India in two months! I found out that one of my yoga friends is now going to be my traveling companion, which I am sure makes my entire family feel better. I have been reading many yoga related blogs lately and sometimes people drone on and on about their physical practice. It make me wonder why do I shy away from that talk so much. I am fully down the rabbit hole at this point, nothing passes that I don't relate it with some kind of practice/study. I guess at this juncture my personal/emotional struggles are much more confusing and painful than any Karanda Vasana (which for now is impossible.)

I am been thinking about waht it means to be a friend. A good friend. As silly as it sounds, a best friend. To me it all comes down to Oprah and Gayle. I used to think that I was a Gayle and had my own Gayle, but now I think that was incorrect thinking.

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